SUMMER TAXES – Due date for the Summer Taxes for 2021 was September 14. At this time interest will be applied to your balance. There is a 1% added fee to the balance owed if not paid by the end of September and then an additional 1% for each month there after that you still owe a balance. If you should have any question please call the Office – 989-469-3177 Ext. 3

WINTER TAXES – will be mailed out the first week in December -please do let us know if you do not receive your tax bill timely.

Winter taxes will be due on February 14th without interest. If not paid by the End of Day February 14th there is a 1% interest and a 3% penalty. All taxes (summer and winter) will be turned over to the Iosco County Treasurers office March 1, 2022. You will need to reach out to them March 1st and after at 989-362-4409.

WE DO NOT accept posted mark date – payments must be to Treasurer Office by Due Date

PLEASE NOTE – there is a secured DROP BOX in front of the Township Hall for your convivence

We do accept partial payments to be made during the following our normal tax season (months July – February)

HOURS for WINTER tax collection will be posted closer to time of collection.

Mondays 9:00am – 1:00pm

Wednesdays 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Tuesday February 14th 10:00am – 5:00pm

To pay taxes with credit/debit card please use this link